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Innovative and reliable power solutions for mission critical applications

Driving innovation from decades of proven experience

Since 1981, Vicor has a long and successful heritage of serving customers in the aerospace/defense market and now the burgeoning commercial space market. Vicor has long supported key engagements in air, ground and shipboard power applications with high performance MIL-COTS power modules that offer high density, efficiency and reliability using robust designs backed by 30‑years of dedicated design and manufacturing excellence in the aerospace and defense industry.

Staying ahead of today’s evolving threats

We live in a rapidly changing world full of promise and possibilities. Along with that change comes the growing need to protect our interests at home and abroad from constantly evolving threats. Because of international access to new technologies these threats have become more sophisticated and lethal making it even more important that we stay one step ahead to thwart any attempts of hostility. Vicor power modules are making it possible for our armed forces to field new defense systems to help guard against these threats. From shipboard based phased array radar systems to high-energy laser directed energy weapons, used to neutralize drone swarms, Vicor has the power and reliability our armed forces need to keep us safe 24/7 365.

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