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Powering Innovation eBook

Volume 3:
Changing what’s possible

Technological advancements that challenge the boundaries of design and performance

Our customers are constantly challenging the limits of what is possible. From battery-operated robot layout assistants on construction sites to autonomous self-driving long haul trucks and AI-enabled undersea remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) their achievements are only limited by their imagination. They have gone as far as to change the fundamental principles of electricity with the introduction of digital electricity making it easier, cheaper, and safer to install and use. The common thread shared among these world-changing applications is the need for a power delivery network that is capable of supporting the advanced functionality and performance these systems deliver.

Powering innovation

For over 40 years Vicor has been at the forefront of power solutions with groundbreaking architectures, packaging, and advanced manufacturing. Our high-performance power modules are the most compact, power-dense, and efficient power solutions. As a result, our customers have been able to leverage our patented technologies to solve the toughest power challenges and unleash the true potential of their products.

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