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Innovative power solutions enabling the electrification transformation

Innovative power solutions driving the future of global electrification

For decades Vicor founder and CEO Patrizio Vinciarelli has pushed the limits of power delivery architecture. His passion for power circuit perfection has fostered and preserved a culture of unparalleled innovation and constant improvement. For over 40 years Vicor has used innovation as its guiding principle, propelling it to the forefront of power innovation. Vicor power modules and patented advanced manufacturing processes have empowered our customers to design and build world-changing products that enable a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Vicor delivers the power expertise and products needed to go electric

The world is going electric and for good reasons. The need to reduce greenhouse emissions is paramount to the well-being of our environment. Electrification is a big step forward in the global effort to reach net-zero emissions in the future. That means every car, truck, plane, train, and motorcycle will eventually need to go electric. Vicor has worked tirelessly to design, develop, and manufacture the most power-dense and efficient power modules available. These best-in-class power products form the fundamental power building blocks integral to Vicor power delivery networks (PDN). From electric vehicles and renewable energy to advanced factory automation and Artificial intelligence (AI), Vicor provides the technological expertise and vision needed to overcome hurdles in the electrification transformation.

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