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Powering Innovation eBook

Volume 2:
Protecting and saving lives

Innovative solutions that protect and deliver lifesaving materials and services

Our customers develop innovative solutions designed to offer security, necessary resources in time of need, and in some cases preserving life. These systems include Autonomous Security Robots (ASR) which offer 24/7 mobile advanced security monitoring to hydrogen and electric-powered drones that can assist first responders establish vital local and long-range wireless communications quickly and deliver critically needed supplies to remote hard-to-reach locations. Beyond the frontline support, edge computing systems can help coordinate rescue efforts and deliver data to medical robots to assist doctors during medical procedures. These companies depend on the most advanced and reliable power delivery networks to enable these lifesaving applications.

Powering innovation

For over 40 years Vicor has been at the forefront of power solutions with groundbreaking architectures, packaging, and advanced manufacturing. Our high-performance power modules are the most compact, power-dense, and efficient power solutions. As a result, our customers have been able to leverage our patented technologies to solve the toughest power challenges and unleash the true potential of their products.

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