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Powering Innovation eBook

Volume 1:
Saving the environment

Technological breakthroughs to protect and preserve the

Our customers develop breakthrough end applications designed to improve the quality of the air we breathe and restore the delicate ecosystems that protect communities and livelihoods across the globe. These innovations include harnessing the immense power of ocean waves to create clean renewable energy, building new coral reefs quickly to prevent coastal erosion, and electrifying modes of transportation to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses released into our atmosphere. These companies rely on highly efficient power delivery networks to enable their innovations.

Powering innovation

For over 40 years Vicor has been at the forefront of power solutions with groundbreaking architectures, packaging, and advanced manufacturing. Our high-performance power modules are the most compact, power-dense, and efficient power solutions. As a result, our customers have been able to leverage our patented technologies to solve the toughest power challenges and unleash the true potential of their products.

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