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Dave McChesney, presenter at WCX2024


The uncertain future of aftermarket loads in a 48V world

Who should watch?

Engineers from both OEMs and aftermarket suppliers who want to learn what it will take to adapt to the transition to 48V vehicle architectures.

What's it about?

High-power loads heavily tax the 12V system in current heavy-duty and super-duty passenger trucks, and these loads are vitally important to the consumers who own these vehicles. Converting these loads to 48V creates a diffusion of responsibility between OEMs and aftermarket suppliers. Who owns this conversion? As OEMs make the switch to a 48V architecture, how will the aftermarket suppliers respond? What should you be thinking about today to make the transition easier in the near future? What is the best approach that can future-proof the ongoing transition to 48V? 

This webinar focuses on:

  • How to transition aftermarket loads to 48V
  • The long-term problem with overlapping timelines that create complexity
  • All stakeholders can play a part in the solution
  • The pros and cons of the paths to address the transition to 48V

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About the presenter

David McChesney

Strategic Account Manager, North America

Dave McChesney is a Strategic Account Manager, selling DC-DC converter modules to OEMs and Tier One customers. He has spent his career selling hardware, systems, and engineering services into the automotive engineering industry. With a deep passion for all things EV, he offers a deep technical understanding of power delivery networks and best practices for optimizing xEV platforms. Dave earned his MBA from Walsh University before and studied Electrical Engineering at Kettering University.

David McChesney, Strategic Account Manager, North America