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Autonomous security robots

Knightscope says its autonomous security robots deliver breakthrough detection technology for public safety. High-density power modules from Vicor enable acute surveillance networks leveraging AI to deter crime.

Knightscope robot image

Knightscope, a public safety technology services company, says it was the first in the world to deploy mobile, fully autonomous security robots (ASRs) in public spaces such as shopping centers, car parks and neighborhood parks. The Knightscope vision was to find a more effective means of deterring crime while minimizing risk to law enforcement officers.

Knightscope says its expertise lies within a fusion of robotics, self-driving technology, vehicle electrification and artificial intelligence. Combined, they yield an agile platform upon which numerous types of sensing capabilities and other technologies can be integrated to provide actionable intelligence.

Knightscope robot image

Figure 1:  Knightscope autonomous security robot.

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