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International Conference EEHE 2023
Germany, June 13–14

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Vicor unveiled breakthrough modular solutions for inverter ripple currents

Vicor participated in the EEHE (electrical + electronic systems in hybrid & electric vehicles, electrical energy management) 2023 conference in Essen, Germany, a leading event in vehicle electrification. The conference covered various topics related to electrification, including power electronics and battery management. Vicor high-density power modules address challenges in EV fast charging, high voltage battery conversion, and 48V – 12V systems. Vicor, presented a solution for mitigating inverter ripple currents and voltage in electric vehicles using a high bandwidth DC-DC converter.

Vicor presented a key solution for supporting xEV electrification

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Reducing the impact of traction inverter ripple in electric vehicles

Presented by Haris Muhedinovic, Principal FAE, Vicor

This presentation discusses the challenges posed by ripple currents and voltages generated by the traction inverter in electric vehicles. The ripple can impact other vehicle systems and create problems such as voltage resonance, power losses and audible noise. To mitigate these effects, the use of a high bandwidth DC-DC converter operating above 1MHz is proposed. This allows for a higher cut-off frequency of the input filter, reducing the impact of ripple on the converter and providing a more stable 12V supply. High-frequency DC-DC converter modules are suggested as a viable solution, as they have low switching losses, can tolerate higher ripple voltages, and do not exhibit resonant behavior. Using such converters helps optimize the size, weight, and cost of the converter function by minimizing the need for over-specifying filtering components.

Photo of Haris Muhedinovic

Haris Muhedinovic works with OEMs and TIERs to design and develop highest performance power solutions for most demanding automotive applications. With his interest in power electronics and electronics systems, Haris is aware of new technologies and trends in industry, which allows him to implement power solutions to meet the most demanding specifications. Haris received his MSc from the University of Sarajevo and has 9 years of experience in power electronics in design and application engineering.

About EEHE

The Electrical + Electronic systems in Hybrid & electric vehicles, Electrical energy management (EEHE) conference focuses on the design of electric vehicles and addresses advancements, cost-efficiency, and complexity. It serves as a platform for experts, managers, scientists, and students involved in vehicle electrification. The conference covers topics such as vehicle architectures, energy management, charging infrastructure, storage, battery management, power electronics, and electrical systems in motor vehicles and commercial vehicles.