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International Conference EEHE 2024, Germany

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Vicor presented the impact of high-density power modules on EV power systems

Vicor addressed EMI challenges posed by high-frequency DC-DC converters and how to improve system design to address those concerns. They also demonstrated how power modules can reduce power system design weight and enhance overall performance in BEVs.

Vicor presented how to overcome EMI challenges in system design

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Achieving EMI conducted emission compliance for high voltage conversion with switching frequency above 1.3MHz

Presented by Nicola Rosano, Sr. Strategic FA/System Engineer, Vicor

Fixing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in systems employing high-frequency DC-DC converters pose a critical challenge due to the intrinsic nature of these converters. High-frequency operation and compact layouts, while beneficial for compact designs and efficiency, intensifies EMI concerns. The rapid switching of currents in these converters generates harmonics that can propagate through the circuit and radiate as electromagnetic waves.

Mitigating EMI requires sophisticated filtering and shielding strategies, adding complexity to the design and increasing costs. Achieving effective EMI suppression without compromising the converter's performance requires a delicate balance, as aggressive filtering may hinder efficiency. Intricate trade-offs are required to develop a robust system that meets stringent EMI standards in the presence of high-frequency DC-DC converters.

Photo of Nicola Rosano

Nicola Rosano received his B.S. degree in 2010 and his M.S. degree cum laude in 2013 in electrical engineering (EE).  He worked in the military, defense and space sectors at Thales Alenia Space and Airbus Defense and Space as well as in the automotive sector at BorgWarner and Stellantis as Sr. HW Power System Engineer. In Sept. 2022 He started working at Vicor as Sr. Strategic Application & System Engineer EMEA acting as tech focal point for automotive power systems. He has been granted a few patents, and is cultivating an analog/power electronics educational YouTube channel in collaboration with Ridley Engineering. His current research interests include power electronics, circuits and systems, electronic instrumentation, and engineering education.

High-density power modules enable 48V systems that reduce weight and power loss

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Presented by Haris Muhedinovic, Principal Field Application Engineer, Vicor

BEVs have a weight problem that can’t be solved with traditional approaches. BEVs are getting heavier and adopting a 48V zonal architecture is needed to reduced weight and space. Stop by the Vicor exhibit booth to learn how high-density power modules reduce weight, enhance efficiency and optimize the benefits of transitioning to 48V bus.

Photo of Haris Muhedinovic

Haris Muhedinovic works with OEMs and TIERs to design and develop the highest-performance power solutions for the most demanding automotive applications. With his interest in power electronics and electronics systems, Haris is aware of new technologies and trends in industry which allows him to implement power solutions to meet the most demanding specifications. Haris received his MSc from the University of Sarajevo and has 7 years of experience in power electronics in design and application engineering.

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The Electrical + Electronic systems in Hybrid & electric vehicles, Electrical energy management (EEHE) conference focuses on the design of electric vehicles and addresses advancements, cost-efficiency, and complexity. It serves as a platform for experts, managers, scientists, and students involved in vehicle electrification. The conference covers topics such as vehicle architectures, energy management, charging infrastructure, storage, battery management, power electronics, and electrical systems in motor vehicles and commercial vehicles.