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Avionics Event

Vicor shared reliability and safety benefits using power modules for eVTOLS

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Small, lightweight power modules free space and increase flight range

Electric eVTOLS require reliability and efficiency to deliver high performance aviation capabilities. Vicor provides a best-in-class solution that is power dense and enables new innovation in this fast-growing field.

Delivering peak performance for today’s eVTOLS

Highly reliable, high efficiency DC-DC converters to guard low altitude economy

Presented by Kevin Ni, General Manager of Vicor, Vicor China

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eVTOL is an evolving market that requires uncompromising safety and reliability. eVTOL companies will compete on a number of factors including flight range and space for passengers and/or cargo. These needs present a myriad of challenges for power system designers. Power efficiency and reliability are essential as is the need for small, lightweight components that can provide high performance. Power density is critical to delivering top performance of eVTOLs.

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Kevin Ni, General Manager of Vicor China, presented “The High Reliable, High Efficiency DC-DC converters to guard low altitude economy,” at 2024 China International Avionics (Low-Altitude Economy) Industry Innovation and Development Summit in Chengdu, China. He explained how high density power modules are the most efficient, scalable and flexible way to power today’s fast-growing eVTOLs fleets. He demonstrated high reliability and industry-leading power density pf Vicor  power modules, which support longer flight times. Vicor’s proprietary power topologies and vertically integrated manufacturing deliver unparalleled quality and performance compared to discrete power solutions or “silver box” solutions.

About International Avionics Industry Innovation and Development (IATID)

The China International Avionics (Low-Altitude Economy) Industry Innovation and Development Conference is an international conference focusing on avionics technology and low-altitude economy development. The conference gathers experts, scholars, enterprises and government representatives from all over the world, aiming at discussing the latest development of avionics technology, the potentials and challenges of low-altitude economy, and how to promote the development of avionics industry and low-altitude economy through technological innovation.