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Powering Innovation podcast

CCell Renewables is reversing coastal erosion while enhancing the ocean’s natural ecosystems

Podcast host Robert Gendron, Corporate Vice President, Product Development

Over 51% of the world's coastlines are eroding. With 200 million people worldwide reliant on the protection that coral reefs offer, communities and livelihoods are at risk in many habitats around the world.

In this podcast episode, we interview Will Bateman, CEO at CCell Renewables (UK), whose company seeks to save coastal communities from the impact of tidal erosion. Their award-winning technology works in harmony with nature to accelerate coral reef growth, inhibiting the impact of waves. It takes just five years for CCell to produce incredibly strong limestone rock on which coral can grow compared to nature, where it takes hundreds of years.

CCell uses renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and wave energy to power their reef growing systems and Will talks about the importance of the power delivery network that Vicor supports. He also discusses how they are starting to use artificial intelligence to assess the health of their coral reefs.

Learn more about how CCell is powering innovation and helping communities restore their coastlines and livelihoods.


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