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Powering Innovation podcast

HIRO pushes Europe to the edge with high performance microdata centers

Podcast host David Krakauer, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Channel
Special Guest: Fred Buining CTO of HIRO-MicroDataCenters

A Dutch entrepreneurial technology company, HIRO-MicroDataCenters develops compact, high performance, reliable edge-to-edge infrastructures (hardware and software) and edge native services. Their edge micro data centers (EMDC) drive computing technology for Smart Cities and are behind many innovative advancements in edge computing that are changing our world.

Fred Buining CTO of HIRO explains that edge computing not only reduces latency, but mitigates security breaches and easily scales. Furthermore, there is a cost and power savings with EMDCs vs large scale data centers.

Installed in factories and smart hospitals and cities in Europe, HIRO’s EMDCs are powerful and efficient. “We have a fully passive cooling solution that is gravity driven,” said Buining. “So we don't have any spinning fans or spinning pump or anything. And it's purely gravity that drives the fluid going through the servers taking out the heat. The whole cooling solution saves you 40% or more.”

Learn more about how HIRO’s micro data centers are being used in operating rooms today.