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Powering Innovation podcast

The future of long-haul trucking is accelerating autonomously on a freeway near you

Podcast host Robert Gendron, Corporate Vice President, Product Development

Special Guest: Jamie Hoffacker, VP of Hardware at Kodiak Robotics, in Mountainview, CA.  Kodiak is the leader in autonomous trucking. Their mission is to carry freight forward— so people, partners, and the planet thrive.

They are evangelizing autonomous trucking and believe widespread adoption of self-driving technology, ultimately saves lives, increases network efficiency, reduces costs and emissions, and enhances the quality of life of truck drivers. It is a the future of long haul trucking, but it starts today.

Hoffacker shares how Kodiak Robotics’ autonomous technology can be retrofitted into carriers’ existing fleets, and explains the rigor that has gone into making this the safest technology possible.  Their vision is inspiring and commitment to safety and the future of trucking is admirable. 

Learn more about how Kodiak and how they are revitalizing long-haul trucking