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Powering Innovation podcast

From toys to construction site tools, OLogic brings robotic ideas to life

Podcast host Robert Gendron, Corporate Vice President, Product Development

Special Guest: Ted Larson, CEO of OLogic, a robotics design shop near Silicon Valley. Ted, a veteran of the robotics industry, has seen it grow from its infancy to today’s growth explosion. He shares the story behind OLogic’s growth and their role in developing some of today’s most innovative robots for local and national brands.

Larson shares how the company got started landing Hasbro as their first customer, and how they have risen to become one of the most trusted design shops for the most innovative new ideas. Today they design consumer electric toys, commercial robotics and scores of mobile robots.

He also explains the evolution of robotics and how they are grappling with sophisticated new electronics challenges – an influx of sensors, adding LIDAR, delivering more computing power and the impact of AI-driven ideas. His team finds solutions to the most challenging problems.

Learn more about how OLogic brings toys to construction site tools and accelerate robotic ideas from concept to production