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Powering Innovation podcast

VideoRay drives safe, effective underwater exploration leveraging AI and today’s newest technologies

Podcast host David Krakauer, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Channel

Special Guest: Marcus Kolb, Chief Technology Officer and Gamini Dharmasena, Senior Electronics Engineer at VideoRay, a leading manufacturer of underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs). The conversation with Kolb and Dharmasena explores the rapid growth of ROVs and the challenges to safely reach remote underwater locations at extreme depths for extended periods. Demand is rapidly growing and VideoRay explains how their modular approach enables them to adapt and customize their ROVs for each mission.  

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, VideoRay ROVs are built on the latest technology and advanced power delivery networks using high density power modules. ROVs are the safest and most effective way to maintain security, support salvage efforts and explore the depths of the ocean.  Designed for dangerous environments, the team’s software and submersibles are easy to use, portable, versatile and reliable. Kolb and Dharmasena explain the range of underwater missions VideoRay can respond to, including search and rescue, infrastructure inspections, recovery and research. They also offer some insight into how the market is using AI and advancing the ROV market with the latest technology.

Learn how VideoRay is responding to the demands of the this rapidly growing market.