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Powering Innovation podcast

Next generation hydrogen powered drones are doing search and rescue, saving lives

Podcast host Robert Gendron, Corporate Vice President, Product Development

Special Guest: Soonsuk Roh, Director of Business Development at Doosan mobility Innovation (Doosan), a Korea-based company that builds drones for humanitarian missions discusses the life-saving applications they support with their hydrogen fuel-cell power pack.  The innovative power pack enables their drones to fly 5x longer than those using lithium-ion batteries. In the latest episode, Roh shares a variety of life-saving applications where drones are the hero, serving as first-responders in a number of long-distance rescue missions.

The key to their life-saving missions relies heavily on their flight duration which far exceeds lithium ion batteries. This enabled Doosan to deliver protective masks to remote locations during the Covid pandemic.  This unprecedented duration also enables them to quickly offer support to sea emergencies or conduct search and rescue missions to uncharted geographies.

The compact hydrogen fuel-cell power pack combined with high density power modules extends duration because of the small size and weight. Roh explains how important the power system design is and the newest applications they are considering.

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